If you’re like most homeowners, you’re probably a bit confused about the difference between concrete leveling with polyurethane foam and foundation repair using pier systems. Or maybe you’ve never heard of either- we won’t judge. There is a bit of overlap, but knowing the difference between what Jackcrete can do and what a foundation repair company can do could end up saving you quite a bit of time and money during your search for a suitable contractor.

What is foundation repair?

Foundation repair is the installation of various pier systems to control the effect of unstable soil on the structural integrity of a home. When a home is unstable and has warning signs such as wall/brick cracking, bowing walls, or hard to close doors/windows, the foundation may be settling into the unstable soil under the house. To fix this, foundation repair companies install long piers that anchor to the stable bedrock below the unstable soil, giving a strong foundation to the home to put it back in it’s original position and to prevent any further damage.

My concrete is sinking!

In almost every case, this is going to require poly foam lifting. Depending on the size of the slab and how much it has settled, the project should be quick and non-intrusive.

My house is sinking, along with bricks and drywall cracking!

We’re sorry to hear that. Depending on your house, you may need foam lifting or foundation repair through pier supports. If you have a poured concrete slab foundation, Jackcrete will be able to lift it back up to level and stabilize the soil to minimize the chance of further damage. If you have a crawlspace or a basement, the fix is going to require piers from a foundation repair company. Our foam injection generally takes less than 5 hours to be completed in full, but foundation repair will be a few day process and is generally a bit more expensive.

Though somewhat rare, it may also be possible that your poured slab isn’t sinking but was just poured incorrectly. This is often the case where the concrete looks level but wood flooring still sways, or where there is a bit of a slope leaning down from the middle of the room. For this issue, neither foam lifting nor concrete repair is needed. A self-leveling concrete compound should be used to fix the sloping.

What about my garage?

Garages are either made with a cinder block footer with a concrete slab in the middle, or a concrete slab supporting the whole structure. In either case, polyurethane concrete lifting will be able to re-level the garage. For monolithic garage structures (that is, garages with walls built directly on top of the concrete slab) it is important to address settlement quickly to avoid damage to the walls of the garage.

My chimney is leaning!

This issue will also require the work of a trained foundation repair company, but assuming there aren’t other issues with your foundation this will be a less involved fix.