Affordable Concrete Repair For Every Home

Unstable and improperly compacted soil can cause the concrete surrounding your home to sink, leaving trip hazards and an unsightly appearance. Using the JACKCRETE method of concrete lifting and leveling repair, we can fix the concrete around your home with less cost, time, and hassle compared to concrete replacement or mudjacking. Have a few different areas that could use repair? No problem! JACKCRETE repairs all kinds of concrete, from sunken sidewalks and lowered pool decking to settled porches and patios. 

Why Choose Concrete Leveling?

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Fraction of the Cost

Jackcrete can be anywhere between 25%-75% less expensive than replacing concrete. This is especially true for porches, patios, and garages, or multiple driveway or sidewalk slabs.

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Same-Day Completion

Most of our residential projects only take 1-2 hours to complete, and can be worked without disrupting the operations of the homeowner. At most, you may need to move your car.

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Little Visible Evidence

Since we only drill 3/8” holes and fill them with color matching grout once we’re finished, most people won’t be able to tell that your concrete has been worked on at all.


Concrete Settlement Solutions

Sidewalk Lifting and Leveling

Restore the beauty and functionality of a walkway while eliminating the potential for injury caused by a trip and fall. JACKCRETE sidewalk leveling takes around 20 minutes per slab and leaves very little evidence of any work being done. Best of all, it's significantly less expensive than concrete replacement!

Driveway Lifting and Leveling

Having a bit of trouble with driveway settlement? Is there a gap between two slabs that someone could trip over? JACKCRETE can lift your driveway back up to level and eliminate the risk of future settlement, without any downtime needed for the fixed slab. Replacement can  take up to a week to cure- lifting and leveling is immediate. 

Porch And Patio Lifting and Leveling

Porch, patio, and garage settlement can create dangerous trip hazards or lead to water pooling issues after rainstorms. Through spray foam lifting the compromised soils can be stabilized and reinforced, the moisture removed, and the slabs raised back up to their original position.


Pool Deck Lifting and Leveling

If you're like most in-ground pool owners, you have likely experienced settlement of your concrete pool deck causing trip hazards and unsightly conditions. This is especially dangerous since pool decks are heavily trafficked without foot protection, raising the likelihood of cuts and bruising. With foam injection, pool leveling can be completed in a matter of hours!

Garage Slab Lifting and Stabilization

Have you noticed sloping, cracking, or a gaps forming along the sides of your garage? Don’t wait for the issue to get worse; call Jackcrete and have it fixed without the need for any downtime. By injecting our material through a grid pattern around your garage, we can stabilize the soil and prevent any further deterioration.

Interior Slab Lifting And Stabilization

If you have a house built on a poured slab foundation, you may have noticed it begin to settle over time. Some of the early warning signs are gaps along the base boards and cracked tile flooring. By pattern injection around the compromised area, Jackcrete is able to lift the house slab back to where it’s supposed to be with minimal intrusion.

Don't see your specific problem listed? Don't worry! Call our office, describe your problem, and one of our experts will advise you on the best course of action- even if it's not us.