Why is my Pool Deck Sinking?

Along with sidewalk settlement, sinking pool decks are the most common issue we fix. Pool deck slabs settle because the soil underneath isn’t dense enough to support it. When a pool is excavated and placed, the soil around it is very loose; if the concrete contractor doesn’t take extra care to compact the soil, settlement is likely to occur. Luckily for homeowners already experiencing this issue, it’s a relatively easy fix! As long as the concrete has not cracked excessively, JACKCRETE is able to lift each settled slab back up to level with minimal evasiveness and almost no signs of our work once we’re done.


How We Fix Your Pool Deck

By injecting our light-weight material strategically around your pool deck, we can lift and level all sunken slabs in a matter of 1-2 hours. Once we finish patching the holes we drilled, the project is 100% complete and the pool can be re-opened for use. Since our material expands to fully reinforce the compromised soil underneath the pool decking, the risk of future settlement is minimized, leaving you with a pristine, safe pool.

Is Your Decking Raised?

Sometimes the issue isn’t a sunken pool deck, but a lifted one. When this is the case, you will notice a separation between the pool deck and the coping. Since our material is used to lift settled concrete, there isn’t much we can do to minimize the gap between the slab and the coping. For this situation, we recommend replacing the concrete to prevent further damage to the pool.


What Can I Expect During My Meeting?

Our estimates generally take about 30 minutes to an hour depending on how many areas you’d like us to look at. We never use high pressure sales tactics- we don’t even discuss pricing during our first meeting. Our focus is to provide you with the best advice on how to fix your problem, whether or not it involves our service.

Once our estimator arrives back to the office, your proposal is created and sent out either the same day or the following morning. Whenever you have questions about the estimate, we’ll be here to answer them and provide as much help as we can!

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