Concrete Infrastructure Restoration

Heavy machinery can cause an unwanted upset in soil, ultimately leading to concrete settlement on the slab supporting the equipment. JACKCRETE polyurethane foam systems are able to stabilize weak soil in areas of heavy equipment use, or use controlled injections to lift and stabilize large slabs of concrete where needed. For factory floors, community walkways, and essential infrastructure that simply cannot experience stretches of downtime, JACKCRETE is able to maintain operations without disruption.

Benefits of Jackcrete


Cost Savings

The more concrete that needs to be repaired, the more our clients save. The average savings for our property-wide concrete leveling projects is 50%, though it can get as low as 75% less expensive than replacement for our larger contracts.


Time Sensitivity

Nobody wants their property to look like a construction site. Our team is in and out in no time at all, with no more equipment than a truck and trailer and no closures necessary. When response time matters, JACKCRETE can mobilize within 7 days or less depending on the season and the severity of the issue.


Experience and Professionalism

JACKCRETE knows concrete leveling. With three national industry excellence awards and two cover stories on different industry-wide publications, JACKCRETE has become established as a national spray foam leveling leader.


Common Problems


Specialized Solutions

Void Filling and Pipe Decommissioning

When heavy equipment and machinery is placed on concrete poured over improperly compacted soil, voids can form underneath the concrete. Strategically placed polyurethane injections can fill and support these voids while rehabilitating the existing surface.

Underpinning and Water Abatement

When water erodes the area underneath or around a concrete structure, the structure can easily become compromised. Rather than excavate and reinforce, injecting hydrophobic polyurethane foam can eradicate any water and form a barrier to protect further damage.

With Jackcrete, you’re in good hands. Reach out to us for more information on our different services or to schedule a meeting with a Project Manager.