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Some of our past success stories.



Some of our past success stories.


Virginia Zoo breach abatement

Norfolk, VA

The streams within both the orangutan and tiger exhibits at Virginia Zoo were losing large amounts of water causing enormous monthly water bills. Because the breached areas could not be determined, a full replacement of the streambeds seemed like the best option- until they called JACKCRETE of Virginia. 

Using our specialized foam and detailed plan of action, JACKCRETE of Virginia was able to find and seal all of the compromised locations along the length of the streambeds in under two full work days. The zoo did not have to replace any of their concrete, allowing them to avoid weeks worth of closed exhibits and a huge financial hit. 


Midtown Tunnel void fill and breach abatement

Portsmouth, VA

The Midtown Tunnel connecting Portsmouth to Norfolk in Hampton Roads, Virginia, was showing signs of water infiltration. Fearing that extensive repairs may be necessary to correct the problems, Elizabeth River Crossings reached out to JACKCRETE of Virginia to solve the issue cost-effectively and with minimum intrusion. 

Due to the scope and scale of the project, the JACKCRETE team needed to be prepared. An action plan was drafted and a core drilling firm was consulted to reduce complications and allow JACKCRETE to focus on their core competency. Over the course of the multi-day project the voids present behind the walls of the tunnel entrance were filled and the breaches exposed then filled. Since completion, there have been no reported leaks in the areas worked by the JACKCRETE team. 



ruhrpumpen slab stabilization

Hampton, VA

When world-wide industrial pump fabricator, RUHRPUMPEN, expanded their Virginia facility to better serve the nuclear industry, the company had no idea their new state-of-the-art facility was sinking. But, once the building was complete and their equipment arrived from Germany for assembly, the floor began to settle under the equipment’s immense weight.

JACKCRETE designed a solution to stabilize the concrete without disturbing the installed equipment utilizing high-density polyurethane foam injection. This project was completed in one day while the facility remained open! For this project we were awarded the 2016 SPFA Industry Excellence Award, had an article written in, and had a story published in Spray Foam Magazine.