If you’re like many local homeowners, businesses, or universities, you’ve likely noticed some water pooling overtop of your concrete. If you’re lucky this pooling is in an out of the way area, but we’ve seen it take up the majority of driveways and even on the inside of garages. While these problems can be insufferably annoying and even downright dangerous once the temperature goes down and the water freezes, they are also relatively easy to fix.

Why Is My Concrete Flooded?

Concrete pooling occurs when a slab that is used for drainage settles against the direction of the drainage. For example, a house built on a slight incline has a driveway slab settle towards the house, leaving a one-inch trip hazard that goes against the decline. While the homeowners may not be too worried about the unlevel concrete, every time it rains water pools along the difference of that 1” section and the slope of the rest of the driveway. This pooling can be anywhere from an inch or two to several feet depending on the amount of settlement and the original slope.

My Concrete Isn’t Uneven, Why is it Pooling?

Sometimes when concrete is laid in an area with poor drainage, settlement can occur almost consistently throughout the stretch of concrete. While the concrete will look perfectly fine, the dirt around it will be at a slightly higher elevation giving a hint at how much the concrete has settled over time. Most of the time, walkway sections with this issue have very large sections that are blocked off by pools every time it rains. Fortunately for homeowners and property managers with this pooling issue, it is an easy fix.

How Can You Fix Water Pooling?

Since the problem is as simple as concrete settlement, the answer is as simple as poly foam lifting. Once the slab is back to its original height and the original slope is restored, drainage will continue as it originally did and the pooling problems will be eliminated. Depending on the size of the pooling area, total work time is usually between 30 minutes and 3 hours. The two most common areas that experience water pooling are sidewalks and driveways, though Jackcrete provides free estimates for all types of concrete.