Portsmouth, VA

The Midtown Tunnel connecting Portsmouth to Norfolk in Hampton Roads, Virginia, was showing signs of water infiltration. Fearing that extensive repairs may be necessary to correct the problems, Elizabeth River Crossings reached out to JACKCRETE of Virginia to solve the issue cost-effectively and with minimum intrusion. 

Due to the scope and scale of the project, the JACKCRETE team needed to be prepared. An action plan was drafted and a core drilling firm was consulted to reduce complications and allow JACKCRETE to focus on their core competency. Over the course of the multi-day project, the voids present behind the walls of the tunnel entrance were filled and the breaches exposed then eradicated. Since completion, there have been no reported leaks in the areas worked by the JACKCRETE team.

For the cost-savings, environmental friendliness, and timeliness of the project, JACKCRETE was awarded the 2018 National Industry Excellence Award in the Speciality Applications category by the SPFA!