Concrete lifting can save a massive amount of money compared with replacement. Whether a residence or an apartment complex, the value of JACKCRETE can not be overstated.



The average percentage saved by properties when choosing JACKCRETE instead of replacement.


The most JACKCRETE has saved a property management company versus the cost of replacement for a single property.


The number of years that our projects are warranted for. Failure rate is between 6-8% the first year, and 2% thereafter. To date, JACKCRETE has received zero notices of failure following the two year mark.

Past Clients

Excellent work at a reasonable price. The Jackcrete team was on time, professional, courteous, and went the extra mile to achieve the desired results.
— Edward W., 2017
They did some work on my driveway and walkway and I have saved a ton of money on what I though was going to be a new driveway purchase.
— Mike W., 2017

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