Why does it matter?

For many, concrete repairs are no small project. There is significant money involved and the appearance of a home at stake. If rain could affect the result of a concrete jacking project, you can bet a lot of people would want to check beforehand to make sure the project will go smoothly. Luckily, rain does not have much of an effect on concrete lifting. With some simple precautions taken, your concrete lifting project won’t be compromised by a bit of rain.

So, does rain affect concrete jacking?

This is easily one of the most common questions we get asked- which is saying something, because we get asked a lot of questions.  The short answer is yes, rain does make concrete lifting more difficult, but it’s a bit trickier than that. The size of the slab plays a large part, as well as it’s location and the drainage systems around it.

Each of those factors get taken into consideration with the amount of rain received. For a short sprinkle, foam lifting will not be affected at all. If it has been pouring for hours and the ground is completely saturated, complete with ponding water, then it’s a better idea to wait a while to ensure the best result possible.

How long after it rains can you lift concrete?

It depends on the amount of rain received. For most projects, waiting until the next day of sunshine will do. If the slab that is being lifted is in an area with very poor drainage that regularly experiences pooling of water, it may have to be a few days.

The important part is to set the appropriate expectations during our first meeting. If we notice your slab is in a flood-prone area, we will let you know that heavy rain could delay the project for at least a few days. To us, it’s all about finding the balance between completing a concrete lifting project in a timely manner and ensuring that our solution will be a lasting one.