Will the foam deteriorate over time?

No, it will not. Our closed-cell polyurethane will outlive the concrete slab above it and upon curing will not be affected by environmental factors such as water or temperature fluctuations. The only variable that can cause deterioration is long-term UV exposure (exposure to sunlight).

How large of a slab can be lifted?

The size of a slab does not matter for our foam systems; the only change is our method of injection. For large slabs such as warehouses or garages that are sunken on multiple sides we would inject using a grid formation, while smaller slabs that are settled on one side would receive only one or two injection ports.

What is the average cost?

While highly variable depending on the project scope, our projects tend to run between $600-$900. This covers pool deck, driveway, and sidewalk projects, while garage, interior slabs, and porch/patio projects may be more. 

Is the process noisey?

Nope! Our workers do not play music while onsite, and the loudest equipment used is the drill and generator. While certainly not silent, it is a very reasonable noise level that should cause no disruption.

How long does the estimate-to-job process take?

Jobs are completed using group based scheduling, so our work date determinations are largely depending on the projects we are getting at the time. Generally our backlog limits the nearest work date to 1-2 weeks from contract signing, though this figure could increase or decrease depending on the season. While we make every attempt to be accommodating to property managers and real estate professionals working on deadlines, it is important to contact us early to ensure that we have adequate time to fit your project into our schedule before your deadline. 

Will it just push up the soil and expand around the slab I’m trying to lift?

Generally, no, but it is a possibility. Due to the thickness of the slab and the amount of horizontal expansion that has to occur before any lateral expansion is possible, most projects are not affected by this unless the soil is particularly compromised.

Could the poly foam overlift the concrete?

While overlifting is a possibility, any experienced polyurethane foam contractor will ensure that overlifting does not occur. For this reason it is very important to do adequate research prior to selecting a polyurethane foam contractor. A quick scan of a company website and relevant review pages should reveal any reasons for hesitation.

What are the odds of the foam lifting process cracking my concrete?

During any project there is always a possibility of the spray foam systems cracking a concrete slab. Luckily, with experience, a specialist will be able to adequately prepare you for any possible outcome and explain your options thoroughly, including the likelihood of cracking. While the likelihood for cracking in most projects is minimal, it can increase if there are a lack of tool joints or pinching of adjacent slabs. Even with these situations, our technicians are trained to minimize likelihood of cracking by following context-dependent best practices protocol.

How long does the foam take to cure/how long should I wait until I use it again?

Spray foam systems cure almost instantly, reaching 80% cured in a matter of minutes. Within a half hour the curing process is completed. The slab can be reused immediately after crew departure without any additional wait time necessary.

How long does it take for the contractor to finish a project?

While the time to complete a project is highly dependent on the nature of the project, the number of injection ports, the distance between the areas being worked, and the amount of foam that has to be injected, the average residential project takes between 1 and 2 hours. While some exceed this time frame, others can be completed in as little as a half-hour.

Is the product environmentally safe?

Yes! Being a fully closed-cell and non-degrading inert material, our polyurethane foam systems will not leach into the environment or present any kind of hazard to soil quality or animal life.