After a bitter winter and rainy spring it is almost time to rejoice; summer is right around the corner! It is approaching quickly, bringing with it barbeques, basketball games, and of course lots of swimming. Though the first thought on your mind may be to remove your shirt and take a dip, pause first and investigate the pool deck; is there any settlement that could prove dangerous to you or your family? While stubbing a toe on an uneven concrete section never feels great, it is compounded on an uneven pool deck where shoes are generally not worn. Appearance and functionality can also suffer when a pool deck is unlevel. Luckily for homeowners in Virginia and North Carolina, there is a solution; pool deck leveling with polyurethane foam.

What Causes Pool Decks To Sink?

Pool decks are one of the most common concrete structures to settle, usually caused by improper soil compaction following the placement of a pool. Over time the soil settles, bringing the concrete down with it creating a compromised appearance and potentially dangerous trip hazards. While pool deck settlement may occur alone, it is sometimes accompanied with other visual signs of stressed concrete such as cracking. Using foam injection sections of pool deck can be lifted back up to their proper height, eliminating the potential for injury and, more importantly, stabilizing the subsoil to eliminate the likelihood of further settlement.

Past Experience Fixing Pool Decks

JACKCRETE has had great success with this application in the past, easing the burden on residential homeowners with pools and community pools alike. Not only is JACKCRETE done with their work in the same day, but there is little visual evidence of work having been performed and the cost is approximately half of replacing the concrete. In fact, we can finish our work in as little as 45 minutes without any additional pool downtime necessary! Our largest projects to date have occurred at Browns Neck Community Pool in Poquoson, Virginia, and Moody’s Run (part of the Kingsmill Resort) in Williamsburg, Virginia. As both of those entities experienced, JACKCRETE can restore damaged pool decks back to their original condition while eliminating the potential for resettlement.