Determining the right kind of repair

Before choosing a suitable contractor, the problem at hand must be thoroughly understood. The strongest defense a customer can have against an immoral contractor is knowledge, so taking the time to fully understand what is causing the problem is paramount to a good decision. Research is key, and JACKCRETE has materials to help you make an educated decision about the nature of the problem you are experiencing and the best remedies for different concrete problems. Outside of our knowledge base, we would highly recommend independent research into different concrete problems and whichever corrective method you are considering.

Past Projects

After you understand the problem, you have to understand the contractors. Find a few potential contractors in your area using Google, requesting referrals from friends on social media platforms, or from advertisements in postcards or newspapers. Once a few companies have been selected as suitable candidates, visit their websites and find any past projects that are similar to the problem you're experiencing. This is a bit less important when the issue is a very simple one, but still largely necessary to ensure the contractor is competent in fixing your problem. If their website does not reveal any past projects, call in and ask about their specialties or any past awards or recognition.


After understanding some of the experience that a contractor has, do a bit more research to ensure that their work has been well-received by their customers. By simply perusing reviews on sites such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, or Angie’s List, a solid understanding of each contractor’s skill level and professionalism can be determined. While one or two negative reviews should not be taken as evidence of a contractor’s inability to perform, recurring themes in reviews should definitely give reason for hesitation moving forward.


The final step in the process is to determine contractor transparency. Some quick online research or a short phone conversation with a company representative should yield some insight into what to expect. How open are they about their sales and work process? Do they use “pushy” sales tactics to try to get you to buy without due consideration? While these aren’t always questions that can be answered beforehand, they should definitely be on the top of your mind during the estimate and following talks with a salesperson. Take any salesperson that tries to sit you down and sell you on a solution during the initial estimate as a big red flag.


Ultimately, the end goal is a professional, reliable contractor that offers their service for a fair price. Don’t be distracted by fancy sales tactics or inflated promises; trust the reviews, awards, and your gut feeling to choose the contractor that’ll work best for you.