Why is there so much bad concrete in Charlottesville and Northern Virginia?

Jackcrete’s expertise lie in concrete leveling and repair, not geology. Luckily, we happen to know a geologist that works in the Northern Virginia area. “When you combine loose, clay-based soil with steep slopes you often see a lot of movement with the soil. It’s no surprise that there’s so much off-kilter concrete, especially around grades.” George Ritter, a Radford University Geology graduate and Business Development Associate at GeoStructures, Inc., tells us. “Avoiding this concrete settlement is possible by taking care when tamping the soil before laying the concrete, but even then you may see some sinking over time.”

No matter how many preventative measures are in place or how thoroughly the concrete contractor tamps the soil, in the end you may still end up with uneven concrete. The lucky residents of Arlington, Alexandria, Charlottesville, or DC may only notice a bit of a trip hazard- those that are less lucky may see extensive cracking and crumbling.

Does Jackcrete Offer Concrete Lifting For Charlottesville and Northern Virginia?

This is a recent development, but yes! Following our recently acquired contract with the City of Arlington and more and more requests coming out of Charlottesville, Jackcrete has decided to extend it’s normal range up North. This move won’t come with a price increase, either. By grouping projects based on location, we will maintain our same low proposal prices while meeting your needs far from our home base.

How Expensive Is Northern Virginia Concrete Repair?

Historically our average prices have been a bit higher than they are for the Hampton Roads area, but this is because of higher amounts of settlement. When estimating your project we will estimate the amount of material we will need based on the total size of all affected slabs and the amount of settlement each has experienced. The two most common problems we’ve seen in Northern Virginia are settled driveways and sunken patios, while in Charlottesville sunken sidewalk around communities and garage settlement are the two usual suspects. It is hard to give a ballpark for our larger projects, but generally the cost will be about half the cost of replacement. For small projects, you can expect an amount between $750 and $1,500.

Can I Get A Ballpark Amount Before You Visit?

Not only can you get a ballpark quote, we prefer to provide one! This way, we can qualify the project as one that will work with our foam concrete leveling system and you can get a better idea of our pricing and process. All you need to do is send a few pictures of the concrete you would like lifted, being sure to include the entire slab in the picture. If there are multiple slabs, just include multiple pictures and note in the email body how many slabs need to be lifted and about how much settlement has occurred. Since it’s just a ballpark estimate, you don’t have to be exact.

From there, we’ll be back in touch to let you know if it’s an issue we can solve and what the price range would be for your project. Of course, you may want to check in with us first by putting in an estimate request or giving us a call. We may be planning a trip out anyways, and would love to have another spot to look out while we’re out your way!