Why Do Prices Change So Much?

When pouring concrete you are paying for a square footage of concrete, so the price can be determined relatively easily. Concrete leveling is a bit trickier, however, since we’re estimating the size of the void underneath the slab. The easiest way to do this is by comparing the amount of settlement, the directions of settlement, and the overall size of the slab.

Average Prices for Concrete Leveling

Remember, these are to be used only as general guidelines. Each project is unique, and based on the circumstances any estimate can be much higher or lower than what we’re listing here if we believe there are factors that will affect the amount of material we will need.

Sidewalks and Driveways: These are often our least expensive repairs. Our base project cost is $750, and the maximum price for a simple sidewalk or driveway repair rarely exceeds $1,200 unless there are a large number of settled sections. Feel free to learn more about settled sidewalks or sunken driveways.

Porches and Patios: These slabs can differ largely in price based on size. For a small porch or patio that’s only a bit wider than the doorway, you’ll likely be looking at a $750-$1,250 repair depending on the amount of settlement. For porches and patios that extend the whole length of the house, the situation gets tricky. If multiple slabs have settled extensively over a large patio, the price can exceed $2,500. Sometimes we won’t even be able to offer a solution if there are a lack of relief joints or the sunken concrete is too lowered to be repaired. For more info on these types of repairs, check out our article on leveling porches and patios.

Pool Decks: Pool decks can be very tricky. If there is only one or two slabs the price likely won’t exceed $750, but can rise to as much as $6,000 for a large pool that has extensive settling throughout the entire deck. Generally, pool deck leveling repair will run between $750 and $1,800 for most of our projects. In the Sandbridge and Outer Banks area this price tends to increase due to higher amounts of settlement with more slabs effected. Don’t let the numbers scare you- we fix all kinds of pool decks and regularly come in at a fraction of the cost of replacement! 

Garages and Interior Slabs: These slabs can differ greatly in price depending on total size and the amount of settlement. It is very hard to prescribe a range to slabs that can be so drastically different, but a good idea is between $1,200 for a slightly low small garage up to $10,000 or more for a large interior slab that has experienced extensive settlement and voiding. The latter are not particularly common, but have come up. Though the price seems high, we are often as low as 50-75% less expensive than concrete replacement. If you have one of these issues, learn more about garage slab leveling or interior slab lifting.

Underpinning, Void Filling, Breach Abatement, or Other Specialty Service: These services are so unique there is no way to give an accurate price without first seeing the concrete area. We would recommend learning more about our concrete underpinning and poly foam void filling services, then giving us a call or submitting an estimate request so we can best understand your issue.